We’ve been working alongside content creators for the last 6 years. During that time we’ve met so many creatively driven, inspiring individuals. It often felt like they had taken their creativity as far as they could on their own. That’s where Common Space comes into play. We need access to high quality cameras, lenses, editing software and simply a space to create and collaborate with others. It’s hard to stay constantly inspired on your our own islands. When we come together to share equipment, services and ideas that can take our passion projects to the next level.



The main goal is to create a space for collective learning and collaboration. By attending classes or working alongside others we can extend our horizons much further. We want to propel people who are serious about taking their projects to the next level.


division of space

The space is divided in half. The front area is for digital computer work. Middle and back is for photo and video projects.



We will be facilitating the time scheduling to be as flexible as possible to your projects need. We are very flexible and want to work with your individual needs.


work flow

Expect 1-5 people in the studio at a time. We can accommodate 1-2 people using camera equipment at a time. 1-2 people doing digital work on

computers. Members will have access to the space and equipment during operation hours. For use of equipment we will ask for a form of collateral. If you want to work solo please email us.



Members will be given a key to the front door along with interior first floor door.



We are excited to see the possibilities of Common Space and want you to grow with it.
Input and suggestions will make that possible. We want to create a open, free environment
to promote creative possibilities.


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